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Written by Andrew Gioia on October 5, 2020  ·  3 minute read

I was incredibly excited when Ubiquiti announced the G4 Doorbell in their Unifi Protect line earlier this year. I finally got my hands on one last month and installed it, and then immediately (and unsurprisingly) wanted to replace the back doorbell too. Unfortunately two doorbells didn’t appear to be officially supported and given my very basic electrical knowledge, I frustratingly failed while trying to use Nest’s diagram and some advice from the community.

Written by Andrew Gioia on August 16, 2020  ·  2 minute read

One of the bigger surprises with toddlerhood for me has been just how the drive is to help and be a part of the team. About 2 years ago we saw this surge in helping as soon as Daniel was mobile and able to say basic things. I had fortunately read a bit about this in a parenting book a few months prior and we’ve (thankfully) always made it a point to route the help towards actually helping out in some way, even if it took 10x longer or was just some tiny part, and to always encourage it.