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I was incredibly excited when Ubiquiti announced the G4 Doorbell in their Unifi Protect line earlier this year. I finally got my hands on one last month and installed it, and then immediately (and unsurprisingly) wanted to replace the back doorbell too.

Unfortunately two doorbells didn’t appear to be officially supported and given my very basic electrical knowledge, I frustratingly failed while trying to use Nest’s diagram and some advice from the community. I finally got an official wiring layout from Ubiquiti Support this weekend though and installed the second one!

Here it is, redrawn for clarity and to identify the other components that I’m using in case you’re looking to replicate this:

Unifi G4 Doorbell wiring diagram for two doorbells
Wiring diagram for 2 Unifi G4 doorbells, redrawn from the official diagram provided by Ubiquiti support in October 2020.

It’s not very complicated but I have some recommended hardware and there are a few key points to keep in mind when setting this up:

Good luck on the install! The doorbells have been fantastic so far and while I did need to add a new wireless access point outside on the front of the house, their connection since then has been great. Before I put that AP in I was consistently getting disconnects on the front doorbell; we live in a 120 year old home and the walls are crazy thick. I had kind of planned on getting this new AP anyway and this was just enough rationalization to get it 😛.