Andrew Gioia /about

Welcome! My name is Andrew Gioia and this website is my effort to write more—my shorter thoughts and longer form articles on a lot of the things I'm really interested in and care deeply about.

Daniel sitting under the pear tree

A bit about me: I grew up outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and moved across the state to Pittsburgh in 2017 with my wife, Beth, our young son, Daniel, and our dog, Maggie. We live in a really old home in the Pittsburgh suburbs with a beautiful bank barn, and we try to spend as much time as possible outside or working on our house.

I’ve worked remotely for eight years at TeachBoost, an edtech company I co-founded in 2012, and it’ll hopefully be the only job I’ll ever have! I like to tinker with home networking and automation, ferment things, and read/watch science fiction.

What I hope to do with this blog

While I started privately journaling when Daniel was born and have been able to keep that up, I haven’t written anything publicly for over a decade. There’s a huge difference between writing for myself and writing for others, with the later forcing me to really think through my opinions or beliefs.

I think that the process of writing why I feel a certain way has huge personal benefits, even if no one reads it. I think the Internet needs personal self-hosted blogs more than ever, and I want to help federated content grow. I also hope that publishing can help contribute in some small way to public discourse or to communities I participate in.

Topics I hope to write about include the Internet, free speech, clean air, simple living, home networking, web technologies, fatherhood and parenting, fermentation, home DIY, science fiction, Midwest emo revival, and Magic: the Gathering.

Getting in touch

You can email me anytime at hi [at] andrewgioia [dot] com, or find me on Mastodon! You get 100 bonus points if you use Mastodon and help me justify the server costs 😜.